4 Channels DC Encoder Motor driver module - how to use the I2C ports ?

  • The 4 Channels DC Encoder Motor driver module provides 2 additional I2C connectors.
    2x IIC GROVE port (extend PORTA from M5 Core)
    According to the schematic they are connected to the MBus = to the M5stack core.

    How can I use it ?
    For examole : how can I read a value from a connected sensor ?

    In the UIFlow block for that module there are only functions for controlling the motor or the encoder.

  • Those ports are connected to the same pins as the regular PortA on the core. Since I2C allows several devices on the same pins, you can attach I2C devices to those ports and use them in UI flow the same as with PortA. You essentially have three PortAs now.

  • Thank you !

  • Always happy to help :)