How to use EasyLoader with the ToF sensor ?

  • In the description of the ToF sensor (and of all other devices) you find EasyLoader.
    Although the picture shows only a core device, I think I should connect the ToF sensor to a core and then use EasyLoader.

    "..... EasyLoader is a concise and fast program writer, which has a built-in case program related to the product. It can be burned to the main control by simple steps to perform a series of function verification......"

    But for what?
    What is this ".... built-in case programm .... "? --- What is it doin ?
    There is no selection possibility - only BURN and ERASE.

    I tried it with a Fire core - after burning the display shows me some numbers - and - thats it !
    The core was "dead" -- no rreaction anymore -- I had to use M5burner to bring back the firmware.
    (But I haqve to try it more than 10 times until the firmware was burned..... ????)
    I don't want to try it with the sensor, because I don't know a possibility to bring back the firmware of theToF sensor.

    I looked into this forum and searched. -->> No result for "EasyLoader".
    I searched the internet and YouTube. -->> No result for "EasyLoader" for M5Stack.

    So I'm asking me, if this software is "helpful" or just a piece of text they are placeing automatically on the top of every documentation - with no real benefit to the user.....
    If it's useful - why there is no description on what that software is doing ??

    Or am I just "blind"and searched in wrong places ???? :-)

  • @ajb2k3 : Thank you for the answer.
    That is exactly what I found and what I know - there is a software called "EasyLoader".

    But what does this software do ?
    What will that software burn ?
    Is it a firmware update or what ?
    Have I to use it, if I want to use to ToF sensor or is it just an information ".... there is a piece of software ...." and I can forget it?

  • Hello @ramaker

    I've never used or even looked at the EasyLoader stuff until today as your questions made me curious. Here is what I found.

    But what does this software do ?

    It shows the value read from the attached ToF. The value depends on the distance from the ToF to the nearest object it's pointed to.

    What will that software burn ?

    It burns the precompiled ToF unit test application onto the M5Stack.

    Is it a firmware update or what ?

    No, it's simply a precompiled test application to verify the ToF unit is properly connected to the M5Stack Groove port and working. Might be helpful to verify the hardware setup is correct if you have problems using the ToF unit in your own programs. (And to be clear, the ToF unit doesn't have a firmware. So there is nothing to update in the ToF unit.)

    Have I to use it, if I want to use to ToF sensor or is it just an information ".... there is a piece of software ...." and I can forget it?

    No, you don't have to use it. It's a simple precompiled test application, nothing more nothing less.
    So yes, you can forget it.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.


  • M5Stack

    Hey @ramaker I agree that it is not clear what program the easyloader is burning, sometimes there is a video below which demonstrates what the example program will do but not always. Generally the easyloader is flashing one of the arduino examples from various product example programs found here Easyloader was designed simply as a testing mechanism and for users who are not familiar on how to flash a program in arduino, hope this clears things up a little

  • Ok - thank you.
    Now I understand.

  • q lukasmaximus:
    Can you (M5Stck) give me an adress wher I can order cables for the DC motor unit with encoders ?
    6pol cables with about 30 to 50 cm.
    I looked in google, but I cannot find one.

    Iwill start a request at technical service too.


  • M5Stack

    @ramaker please clarify which module you are using for the dc motors, is it the go plus or lego as there are a few that control dc motors, once I know the one I should have a better idea of which cables you need