Where is wifi config held redux

  • Some time ago, I asked where the wifi config was held.
    At that time, the answer was:

     import wifiCfg
          self.ssid, self.password = wifiCfg.deviceCfg.wifi_read_from_flash()

    Fast forward to 1.7.0:
    I have set the WiFi credentials with M5burner 2.2.2 via "Configuration". But the above returns an empty list, rather than actual credentials.

    Apparently the new hotness is:


    It's a bit frustrating when this keeps changing, and there's no user-visible notice, just broken code. Can we get some kind of announcement of functionality-breaking changes?

  • Hmm, OK, get_wifi() works on 1.5.4, so maybe I just guessed wrong back then.