Screen Issue with M5StickC Plus

  • Hi

    I flashed UIFlow with M5 Burner on my new M5StickC Plus. Sice then only the lower left of the screen displays something useful, most of the screen is covered with black an white lines.
    0_1606494079427_Screenshot 2020-11-27 172054.jpg
    Also colors are skewed, e.g. I set the screen to blue, then only the small working rectangle shows up in red. If I set the screen to red, it lights up yellow and so on.

    I remember the screen working fine the first time I turned the device on. There where some preinstalled apps on it. Is there any way of a factory reset or could you tell me why the screen behaves that way?


  • Hello @lederschnautz

    looks like you've burned UIFlow firmware for M5StickC and not M5StickC Plus. Make sure you burn firmware version v1.6.6-plus. This should sort out display issues.


  • Thank you felmue.

    I didn't realize, that I need to update the M5Burner. Works like a charm now, thanks again.