LoRaWAN Module(RHF76-052) weak signal

  • I'm trying to get RHF76 module connected to Chirpstack server (433MHz band). It occurs only if distance between LoRa Gateway antenna and RHF76 abt 0.5...1m. Only in this case my device could successfully join to network. I was trying external antenna. RFIO_HF and RFIO_LF internal connectors were swapped, so external antenna could be plugged into external connector. But it didn't improve the situation:
    RSSI with internal antenna: -73
    RSSI with external antenna: -86
    Another 3'rd party module with the same ICs (stm32L151 + SX1276) shows pretty well results:
    RSSI: -20 on the distance abt 3m
    -46 on the distance abt 30m

    I used M5Stack library V0.3.0
    To setup proper output power value I used values 14 and 20 as a parameter for this procedure:

    What I'm doing wrong?

  • @dukenukke M5Stack library contains an error in LoRaWan.cpp
    the definition of first element of array:
    const char *physTypeStr[10] = {"EU434", "EU868"....
    should be like this:
    const char *physTypeStr[10] = {"EU433", "EU868"....
    Since module RHF76 doesn't understand command like