UIflow P2P - getP2PData()

  • Does anyone know how https://github.com/m5stack/m5-docs/blob/master/docs/en/uiflow/advanced.md#p2p works - is it ESPnow-like, or are the messages routed via some m5 cloud service? I don't manage to find the source code of it to see for myself yet.

    (I can't get it working, but I'm not sure if it's what I need anyway - I need the messages to work across different wifi networks via Internet.)

    I'm not sure if P2P Read blocks or not.

    PS: Where in UIFlow is simple 'serial print' ?

  • I never use this option, i think the messages was routed via m5cloud service (probably the same mechanism like upload uiflow program via web uiflow with destination device api key)

    You should find orange print block in Text tab. It will generate print(...) function code, but it print message via serial to usb (you should receive text in serial terminal on laptop/pc.