White screen for all the examples M5Stack Core Grey

  • I'm new so I guess it's me! the self test worked when plugged in for the first time! however when loading any of the examples I mainly get just a white screen some give a black screen!

    the simple beep example does beep but still just a white screen! i just want to get hello world working!

    I followed this guide link

  • @wadoadi Hi, could you please confirm that the library you have in arduino IDE is the latest version? if it is, I would like to perform some test to understand if it's hardware or software issue - Id suggest burning the latest image using M5Stack-burner and using MicroPython (UIFlow) to test some screen examples and see if the problem persist happening there as well.

  • Hi,
    it says 0.3.1 is installed, I believe this is the latest?

    I have now burnt UIFLOW (Core) v1.6.5-en using M5Burner V2.1.6

    It is currently sat showing a white screen! but it has connected to my wifi and DHCP'd

    I have never used UIFlow before so will need good instructions!

    thank you for your help

  • @wadoadi Burning a fresh image using M5 Burner will wipe your data but you also say that it's connected to your wifi using DHCP, did you enter your wifi credentials into the M5Stack and then it connected? does it show you the unique address of the M5Stack on the screen or other information or just blank white screen?

    Also, disconnect the bottom part of the M5stack from the upper part (the battery module) and plug it back in using USB to see if the screen react or just blank screen again?

  • hi, yes I entered the SSID and PSK/password as prompted when burning the UIFlow image,

    I can see its IP address from the router and I know it is the device from its MAC address.

    The screen remains white with no visible text, even with the bottom part removed.

    anything else i can try?


  • Hi, I suggest contacting with the store directly as I suspect you have a faulty device - they could help you arrange a replacement.