Core basic not work with base15

  • Hi, I have problem with powering core from base15. 5V is present, but core doesn't work. I figured out that when 5V is present on pin 28, no 3,3V is on pin 12. When is core powered form USB. Core works (5V and 3,3V are pressent). But i can't find why 5V from base15 doesn't step down to 3,3V in core.

  • Hello @silas15

    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    I've checked with an M5Core Fire and M5Core Gray and both run from 5V provided to pin 28 (and produce 3.3V on pin 12). I don't think M5Core Basic is different in that regard, but I cannot test that myself unfortunately.

    Are you sure the connection between Base 15 and Core Basic is properly pushed together?


  • I tried everything. But I found it. Pin 28 had bad contact in conector. I slightly bended pin 28 and it works!