M5StickC - UiFlow problem

  • I am having an issue with getting UiFlow to work with my M5StickC. Works perfectly fine with the Arduino IDE, but Ui Flow does not seem to read it.
    Anyone encounter this before?

  • @ufo-gto Which UIFlow we or offline.
    Has the UIFlow firmware been installed on the StickC
    Is the StickC connected to the internet?
    Is the StickC connecting to the UIFlow server?

  • I am running the desktop version of UIFlow. It should just be connecting over COM3.
    I didnt realize I need to update the firmware first. Is that necessary when I have connected over USB?
    M5 Burner connects to it successfully, but UIFlow is just an upload failed message.

  • nevermind.... got the UIFlow firmware installed through the M5 burner and it works now.