Using the RFID reader => speaker noise

  • Hi guys!

    I have tried the RFID sample, which works OK. However, the speaker emits a noise when the RFID is functioning. I guess that's related somehow to i2c. RFID uses i2c, and the speaker also (I guess?). 2 questions here:

    • can the 2 work in parallel? I.e. have RFID AND speaker? This is something that I'd probably need soon. They seem to share the same channel (i2c); so multiplexing is involved. So if the RFID is used non-stop, I fear that the speaker won't be able to work.
    • if this is not possible, I'd guess that I need to somehow disable the speaker. But I didn't actually enable. So where does the noise come from?

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: this is my second message; the first one got lost maybe in "moderation" because I had just signed up and the account not yet verified? Who knows.