Ultra low power consumption in sleep mode

  • Hi @m5stack

    the Core2 advertisement on https://m5stack.com/collections/m5-core announces Ultra Low Power Consumption in Sleep Mode.

    Would you mind sharing the exact numbers you guys measured in your lab and point me to the source code you used to achieve those numbers?


    Thank you very much in advance.


  • I hear crickets...

    I worked out a clever trick to keep the touch on (it has its own power-save mode) while almost everything else is off or asleep. If you read M5.Touch.stale using my library fork, you get the data from the last touch that is left in the memory of the FT6336. That way you don't need to be be awake during the brief tap used to wake the device up, but can wake up briefly half a second later and see if the last touch is now in a different spot. Depending on how deep the sleep is, it can also make sense to do that without loading the whole library just to compare the 4 bytes at 0x03 in the FT6336.

  • Hi @Rop

    or a pin drop...

    thank you for that piece of information - it's good to know the last touch can be retrieved if necessary.

    Currently in my project I put almost everything to sleep, except for touch (monitor mode) and IMU (setup for WOM). The ULP is monitoring the interrupt lines from both and wakes the main CPU if required.