M5GO Base: LEDs draw 10 mA while off and with ESP32 in light sleep.

  • Hi guys

    I just wanted to share some information about the M5GO Base I figured out today. Maybe it helps others in similar situations.

    I have two M5Stacks. Both have a 700 mAh battery stacked and one of them is also stacked to the M5GO Base for easy charging the battery. (Note: The original battery from the M5GO Base has been removed.)

    Both M5Stacks run the same code and go into light sleep when not in use. I've calculated that the battery should last for about 3 days. However the M5Stack with the M5GO Base only lasts for about half that time. Today I figured out why - the 10 LEDs in the M5GO base are using some additional power.

    In order to keep the ESP32 powered while in light sleep the 5V boost output of IP5306 needs to stay turned on. But the 5V boost output also powers the 10 LEDs in the M5GO Base and each uses about 1 mA when not in use and off.