How to add apps to M5STACK FIRE after SD UPDATER is installed.

  • I just installed SD Updater and want to add more apps to my M5STACK FIRE without losing SD Updater. How do I do that please?

  • I have not used SD Updater, but it looks like there are instructions on this GitHub page starting at step 4) Make sketches compatible with the SD-Updater Menu.

  • Sorry I meant SD UPDATER.

  • Is SD UPDATER different than SD Updater? I was thinking you wanted to load additional apps to an SD card and launch them from the SD Updater menu. Is that correct?

    Otherwise, if you want to flash other standalone apps (not launched from the SD Updater menu) to the M5Stack Fire and you are using Arduino, then no that is not possible (to my knowledge). Once you load a sketch to the device, writing/flashing another sketch will overwrite the first.

    If using UIFlow, it has a built-in Apps menu. You can download many MicroPython programs to the device and select the one you want to run from the Apps menu.