M5STACK fire module with GRBL + LCD + three buttons

  • Dear support,

    Just bought M5stack, I really want to use it for small CNC. In github i found ESP32 grbl library. They use all kind of shields, but not M5stack. Can you please please make a working example where M5stack using GRBL, LCD is working and has some functions and buttons used to move motors. Please.
    Make some simple file to map IO to existing drivers like generic TB6600 (using just base module).

    Many thanks for proffessional hardware you make!

  • There is a cnc module called the stepmotor module which is built around an arduino running grbl. I have been working on a project or two but damaged my old module and have had trouble running new modules.

  • Thanks. I know. Again I want to connect it to external drivers. I do not need any interface as I see pins are available to connect.
    I've spoke in community of professional CNC software developers about M5stack and ability to make a well working demo for it.
    Here is what they say:
    "m5stack has so many hardware bugs and lack of documentation I would not trust it to drive a cnc
    moreover many pins are default mapped to the internal hardware (sometimes very strangely) and very few io pins would be available for cnc use.
    I definitely do not recommend using an m5stack to drive a cnc in real time. Maybe as DRO by sending commands to a master esp32... but that's a separate project."

    Dear developers ! Please read this valuable feedback. I saw video with M5 stack driving machine which drills and cuts a piece of aluminium. If above statements are right it's a safety risk to propose or show such solutions for customers.
    Kindly requesting some follow up to implement in M5stack well tested firmware with exmaples for CNC control or 3d printer control using WELL KNOWN firmwares like Marlin, CNC GRBL etc.
    ESP32 is great! M5stack is super great, but hardware is nothing without software.
    Hope you find my message and help.
    Keep in mind that m5 stack is not cheap, people can buy ESP32 and print casing for that with external cheap components. Still it's great to buy M5 as it's soo easy to start with it. Please help to make it perfect!
    I need CNC control with M5 stack. Imagive how many users you will gain if GRBL will be avialable on M5stack ! Robots, Lathe, routers, 3dprinters, all kind of CNCed garbage or hands for skynet.

  • That video is is the Measure, Cut, Drill machine they built for cutting the aluminium.

    The esp 32 does not have mapped pins. There is a matrix where each pin can be assigned multiple functions unlike the arduino. If I’m correct the the normal stepper driver need just the step and DIR pins connected to the esp 32 which is doable. Please look at the examples for the ATOM stepper module.

  • Post a link please to example you think is usable.

  • for the atom but its direct driver control.

  • @ajb2k3 thanks for reply, but got a deny. Hope someone will do a working sample. M5 become tetris and given to kids until it dies.