ATOMIC HUB Proto DIN rail mounting problem

  • I'm trying to use this module for DIN rail mounting, however it seems that it's not possible to access the M2 bolt head for securing the ATOM when the DIN mount is attached. And conversely, the DIN mount can't be attached with the M2 bolt in place.

    Is there something I'm missing? Otherwise it looks like I will have to drill an access hole into the DIN mount itself..?

  • Update: I drilled a 2.5mm hole in the mount, as shown below. I first disassembled it (removed the spring and separated the two halves). The hole is centred 2.0mm from the corner of the notch at 45 degrees.

    The bolt head is now accessible with the hex key even with the DIN mount assembled in place. Just remember to insert the M2 bolt before putting the DIN mount on.