UIFlow and ESP-now, error

  • Hi all, having a problem with esp-now and M5Stack core programmed with UI-Flow.
    I managed to connect a M5Stick c to an M5Stack core and the M5stick C sends out a changing value but when i try and use the value on the M5Stack it keeps telling me after i upload the code, unsupported types for le:'NONEtype, 'int'

    If i delete the part where i want to use the receive number it works fine.
    Below the code i used in UIflow


    Is there a way that i can use this number?

  • Probably you must use block from espnow group to set pmk key on transmiter and receiver and set the same key.

    See this thread where i post a working example:


  • Hi robalstona, i'll try this but i can receive without a problem, problem is the number i receive is a number i can't use. I can only show on display...

  • Hi, try it but give the same faults...

  • Hi Dragon.
    Picking up this thread because I ran into the same problem. Caused by an empty value when out of sync with the sender in a P2P network transmission scheme (not ESP related but similar). Resulting as "None" for a value that should be converted into an integer used in an if/else process. I solved this by putting the if/else in a try/except statement and settting the except(ion) to a failsafe value until sync.

    alt text