ENV II Unit Support for UI Flow (device M5StickC)

  • Hello guys, I purchased 3 pieces of ENV II Unit for my M5StickCs, but this does not work on my side. I see in UI Flow that ENV II is not available.

    Is there some example for ENV II and UI Flow/M5StickC?

    Thanks for advice.


  • Definitely solved by update firmware to 1.5.3 :-) Works perfectly, thanks for nice job.

  • I just spotted your topic and I'm wondering how you solved the issue.
    I'm running the current 1.7.2 UIFlow and firmware but when opening ENV II demo from the documentation page it does not recognize the ENV II Hat and error message appear about not connected hat.

    As I also use micropython, I inspected modules and saw that there was a hat.ENV2.
    So I just had to modify one line of code.

    But I did not figure out how to do it from UIFLow blocks.
    What is the solution?

  • And the answer was to learn how to handle Hat with UIFlow 🤣
    If someone tries to use ENV 2 demo, beware that it references the ENV hat version one.
    You need to remove it, add the ENV 2 hat, the replace with the new module functions the different calls.

    If someone knows how to do it, I can report the documentation error.

  • I’m sorry to post once more, but there sa something I did not get.
    In fact, my mistake was to use th Demo button in UIFlow.
    There is only a demo for Env v1 and this is what I modified.
    The link in the documentation was for a proper ENV v2 UIFlow program but as I never used m5f and there was no prior information in the documentation, I thought it was the same as the Demo in UIFlow.

    I know I must pay more attention, but if a beginner comes to the documentation, I think there must be a link to usage of m5f files before.

    That’s it, sorry for the noise 🤷‍♂️😇

  • Under the picture of the StickC in UIFLow is Unit/HAT and a + sign.
    Click on HAT then click + and select ENVII to add the EnvII to the workflow.
    UIflow then automatically imports the needed libraries required to use it so all you need to do is add the blocks that appear in HAT>ENVII menu.