Atom Matrix LED power clarification

  • I saw the note which says not to take the LEDs over “20”. Does that mean that if I’m using the NeoPixel library that none of the RGB values should go over 20 out of the possible 255?

    So a value of (20,20,20) is the brightest any single pixel should go?

  • 20 means 20% brightness on a 0-100 scale. LEDs controlled with full brightness heat up strongly. It was written in the forum that the limitation is due to protection against overheating of the diodes and the acrylic melting quickly. If you want to control the LEDs manually or using other libraries, the sum of the R, G, B color components should not exceed 153. 20% of the colors white (255,255,255) is (51,51,51) I suspect that this 20% value was chosen experimentally for the ignited whole matrix for a long time. if you light the LEDs for a short time with more brightness, nothing should happen. Anyway, values ​​above 30-50 "burn your eyes" at least to me.

  • @robalstona excellent. Thank you for the clarification. It’s logical, and I agree that I don’t require anything higher, but I wanted to make sure for safety’s sake.