M5StickC: Graduating from UiFlow: writing Python via REPL

  • Kudos to the UIFlow team! The web interface makes coding my M5StickC a breeze, and I was able to see how equivalent Python code are written.

    Moving forward, I want to move away from the UiFlow infrastructure and build my own. The existing libraries simplified component coding; no need to fiddle with GPIO ports to initialise the LCD, and I hope to keep all that.

    Qn: With UiFlow REPL is no longer possible on the M5StickC. I read some instructions for other models, but how does one do the same for this?

  • M5Stack

    REPL works fine on the M5StickC. I recommend using the Thonny IDE https://thonny.org/, it's very convenient for testing commands in the REPL, writing your scripts and transferring them to the flash, creating folders in the flash and you can run your scripts directly on the device as you would do in uiflow.

  • @lukasmaximus Thanks for the recommendation. Thonny looks nice. Will try.

  • @lukasmaximus Not to be taken as Thonny being an inferior app; my Windows has a lot of crap inside. It seems pymakr on VS Code is more reliable on my Windows. pymakr has its own quirks; one of which is refusing to download binary files (eg. images).

    Will wait for more motivation to revisit Thonny again.