Compile error - ImportError: No module name serial

  • I get the above compile error , compiling for a M5Stick C
    I have the board manager & library installed OK. I can see all the SP32 boards & all the M5Stack examples.
    I would appreciate any help. Although I have been working with micros sonce 1972, I am now 72 and whilst trying to keep up the head is not as agile as it used to be.

    ![alt text](image 0_1588829153516_4bf9bc04-59b2-41f4-8421-ec60ba0bcd33-image.png url)

  • @rexlee I assume you use Arduino IDE. What example did you compile for your M5Stick C? If it was your own code, then please upload the code so other members can take a look.

  • Probably you need to install python serial library used by esptool.

    Could you try this command in console
    python -m pip install pyserial

  • The compiler cannot find wire.h which is needed for serial communication. please add wire.h