Fire PSRAM not recognized

  • I just got my M5Stack Fire. I checked the ram and version in a terminal and saw the
    UIFlow version was 1.3.3 with
    MicroPython v1.10-279-gfc77b5bbf-dirty on 2019-06-19; ESP32 module with ESP32

    and the free RAM was about 2031776.

    I upgraded the UIFlow to and got the MP version of
    MicroPython v1.11-312-g944acf81d-dirty on 2020-03-13; ESP32 module with ESP32
    but now the free RAM is about 71360.

    How can I get the current version of UIFlow to recognize the PSRAM, how do I get a version that will use the RAM, or how can I get back to the factory installed version?

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    As far as i'm aware it's only possible to use the psram when programming the m5stack with arduino. There is currently no way to utilize the psram with micropython at least not with uiflow

  • Is there any way to reinstall the factory installed UIFlow version 1.3.3?
    It gave 2,031,776 bytes of RAM as opposed to the 71,360 bytes
    available with UIFlow

  • The latest M5Burner version, 2.1.0, has a UIFlow version for the Fire.
    UIFlow v1.5.3-fire Micropython v1.12-548-gfc090afb5-dirty REPL
    shows 4078864 when you run gc.mem_free as opposed
    to less than 92000 with the older version that I could not find in a Fire version.

  • I have the newest version of M5 burner and the separate fire fw is not listed?

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    @acuralegendz when you start uiflow desktop or m5 burner make sure to choose allow incoming network connections. The software needs to connect to the server so it can get the latest firmwares