UIFlow basics, few beginner questions

  • Hi everybody,
    i'm quite new with M5stack and UIFlow (V 1.4.5.)
    I m not so bad, i made a nice program with a customize DHT12 and ENV libraries
    (because I2C bus was Error 6)
    Took me some times to understand librairies were on Github etc.
    but there are a few points i can't deal with.

    1 the OPEN SAVE choices seems not functionnal
    2 sometimes, i don't have the Project icon and the project name's field at the top left corner.
    3 sometimes i have the UNITS white cross on the left screen to add some unit, sometimes i have not
    4 it seems possible to go Blocks --> Python code but never Python Code --> Blocks, so it s impossible to pick some Block code and insert in python coding interface
    5 The USB mode never works while downloading script to Device (not a big problem, i use WIFi)

    6 (Edit) : Why i can't see SD card blocks in Advanced :
    Thanks a lot for your answers.

  • 4 - the Blocks are preprogrammed with code and so if you want to add custom code in python mode then UIFlow doesn't know how to handle it and just drops it.
    An alternative is to use the Execute Code block to add custom code.

    What operating system are you using and what internet browser are you using to program in UIFlow.
    USB mode from the web version is not fully working as it requires a development addon that is not available to several online web browser (its a very new function)

  • Thanks for answer : I use windows 10 64 bits and firefox

  • @serge said in UIFlow basics, few beginner questions:

    Thanks for answer : I use windows 10 64 bits and firefox

    Try chrome and see if you still get the issues 1, 2, 3.

  • I tried with chrome. I can say more.
    In chrome i open the Battery Animation in examples. I can save it, remame the file and open it again with chrome and firefox.
    The saved file contains 6 lines that begins like {"components":[{"id":"____screen","createTime":1545719428801,"name":"Screen","x":0,"y":0,"width":320,"height":240,"backgroundColor":"#000000","backgroundImage":"","type":"screen"},

    When i try to save my own file with many lines of codes , the saved fils only contains 1 line of the same kind


    I can see no traces of my code in it, and that file should be much longer than the first one.

    Further more, when in the Battery Animation i delete all the white rectangles and save the file, when i open it again, the white rectangles are still here.

  • I don't know why but, now i have the SD card items in Advanced Menu. May be because i plugged once a SD card ?
    The white cross icon to add UNITS is here too.

    I ve notice that :
    when modification is done with Blocky and i save the file : the saved file is OK,
    when the same modification is done with micropython : the file can't be saved.

    As if the micropython screen wasn't really a part of the UIflow.
    Related to the issue n°4 above ??