Recording mowing path of lawn robot

  • With a M5Stack Fire plus a GPS module, I want to record the mowing path or the position of a lawn robot, record it and display it offline (possibly live) on a tablet or a PC.
    Programming would be preferred with Arduino.
    Has anyone tried this or seen such or similar applications (such as recording the jogging path or a motorcycle tour)?
    I would be pleased with any feedback. Thank you very much.

    0_1587116348425_Miimo mit M5Stack FB.JPG

  • Additional question: Does anyone know a way to read the GPS position from an iPhone with a M5Stack Fire (e.g. in 1-second intervals)?

  • Your best bet for this project would probably be to upload the GPS data to a local webserver and view it through localhost on your wifi. If the Fire comes with built in wifi or bluetooth, have the module connect to your local wifi, and make an HTTP Post request through the arduino language to your webserver. To host a webserver, you can use the Apache WebServer.

    I've never used a microcontroller to make an HTTP request as I've never found a use for it, so I am unable to help you with the code.

    Hope this helped.