'Serial2' was not declared - Error compiling with Arduino IDE

  • Dear all,

    although this topic has been covered 9 months ago in this forum, the solutions mentioned there are not working in my environment. So I'm sorry to raise this problem again.
    I'm still getting a fatal compiling error with the simple example sketch 'hello world':

    /Users/matthias/Documents/Arduino/libraries/M5Stack/src/LoRaWan.cpp: In member function 'void LoRaWanClass::init()':
    /Users/matthias/Documents/Arduino/libraries/M5Stack/src/LoRaWan.cpp:45:5: error: 'Serial2' was not declared in this scope
    Serial2.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, 16, 17);


    In file included from /Users/matthias/Documents/Arduino/libraries/M5Stack/src/LoRaWan.cpp:33:0:
    /Users/matthias/Documents/Arduino/libraries/M5Stack/src/LoRaWan.cpp: In member function 'void LoRaWanClass::getVersion(char
    , short int, unsigned char)':
    /Users/matthias/Documents/Arduino/libraries/M5Stack/src/LoRaWan.h:33:29: error: 'Serial2' was not declared in this scope
    #define SerialLoRa Serial2******
    ... continuing with pages of consecutive error messages.
    I'm using the Arduino IDE 1.8.10 with an M5CORE Grey and have removed and updated all relevant libraries, without any success.
    Can anybody give me a hint where to dig ?
    best regards

  • If you are using windows 7 or lower then you have to install Arduino driver for that left click on my computer icon > properties> devices> update all unknown devices.
    for more click here

  • Hi

    Just add

    HardwareSerial Serial2(2);

    under #include <Arduino.h> in /Users/matthias/Documents/Arduino/libraries/M5Stack/src/LoRaWan.h