Measurements (temp/humi) by DHT12 on ENV Hat

  • Hi all,
    i trying to compare measurements (temp/humi) from DHT12 into ENV Hat and DHT22.
    I used a DHT22 attached to an ESP32 and ENV Hat attached to M5StickC and this is result

    i haven't an external meter to check the right parameters, but seems that DHT22 measurements are more realistic.
    Is possible that measurements of the DHT22 into ENV Hat are so far from the real ones ?

    may I have been wrong to call the functionality ?
    For DHT22 i copied DHT12.h and DHT12.cpp from example and use in my project as follow

    DHT12 dht12;
    setup() {
    loop() {
        float actualTemp = dht12.readTemperature(1);
        float actualHumi = dht12.readHumidity();

  • The reading from the HAT are not correct as the HAT is affected by heat given off by the M5StickC.
    Also currently its hard to calibrate the sensor correctly but some members of the community had been working hard to find solutions to this issue.

  • Hi ajb2k3,
    thanks for your response.

    I found this thread that explain issue M5 Stickc Arduino samples - Temperature reading issue

    but i can not find any thread that report some solution, could you help me ?