UnitV UART out to Raspberry Pi GPIO

  • I have the UnitV Sending output via UART GROVE to a M5StickC. Is it possible to attach to a raspberry pi GPIO and read the signal?

    I have read that PIN 8 and 10 on the Raspberry Pi are UART TX and RX.
    Has any one tried and confirmed this is possible. I will attempt this and report any findings.


  • I don’t see that there will be a problem you just need to make sure that the raspberry pi can understand the the unifV is telling it

  • I got it work using python serial on the raspberry pi. It's now reading the input from the UnitV and performing functions based on that input.

    I did need to disable the serial console on the Pi as it was causing issues.

    I think the UnitV requires the 5v input as its not powering enough with the 3.3v using the GROVE connection.