Multi Version M5StickC

  • Hello Everyone.
    I have a problema with the M5StickC new version. I tried to used M5.Axp.ScreenBreath on old version M5StickC and its works but this instruction not works with the new version.
    the "Only change" between versions its accelerometer circuit ( New version: MPU6886, Old version SH200Q ).
    Maybe anyone have the same problem or know what is the the diference between version?

  • Hi,
    What exactly happens, when you say "instruction not works"? Does your code compile but the screen brightness doesn't change?

    Have you tested other AXP function like the Battery status:

      char text_buffer[32]; 
      M5.Lcd.drawCentreString("Battery status:", 80, 20, 2);
      snprintf(text_buffer, sizeof(text_buffer), "%.2fV  ---  %.2fmA", M5.Axp.GetBatVoltage(), M5.Axp.GetBatCurrent());
      M5.Lcd.drawCentreString(text_buffer, 80, 40, 2);

    Is that working?