IMU Get ACC reports gyro

  • There appears to be an issue with the IMU module in M5Flow. The function "Get X Acc" appears to report the orientation of the device, instead of the accelleration. Here is the python code to reproduce it:

    from m5stack import *
    from m5ui import *
    from uiflow import *
    import imu


    imu0 = imu.IMU()

    while True:
    lcd.print((imu0.acceleration[0]), 0, 0, 0xffffff)
    lcd.print((imu0.acceleration[1]), 0, 20, 0xffffff)

    If you run the program, the displayed numbers are between -1 and 1 depending on how you turn the device.

    I also tried the C/C++ example for the M5Stack located here:
    This example seems to run fine.

  • @fracman I am observing possibly a similar situation. Get X Gyr seems to return an unpredictable and small (-2 to 2) range no matter how I turn my M5StickC.

    Are the values read from current IMU meters, or are data buffered? Feels like the latter.

  • it could be that the gyro is in Gravities which would explain the low reading.
    I was watching a vid and normally the readings shoud be in miligravities.