Button lock

  • Hi! I am having a problem while using different functionalities of the M5stack buttons.

    1. So I have a program where when I longpress the B button I go to a certain menu. In that menu when I (normal) press B button it starts a function that uses the NCIR unit (makes 10 temperature readings and then stops). But some strange thing is happening.When I press the B button to make the readings, at the end of the readings it will call the Long Press function again and I don't want this to happen. Is this the supposed behavior?
    2. Also, if I have a longpress assigned and for example a loop that keeps on going if a button is pressed using the isPressed function at the end of that loop the longpressed function will be called anyway... How can I avoid this?
      Thank you for the help! Let me know if my question is confuse and I can make it in other way.

  • Can you post your code please?

  • Sorry! @ajb2k3 I have not forgot about this, I am a bit withou time, a lot to do for work right now!
    But I'll sketch up an example soon!
    Thank you for the help