Infrared on stickc and Fire

  • I'm trying to use the IR remote module with StickC and Fire. The example file of UIFlow for IR Remote will not work. Module will not find IR signal for TV remote or signal from another IR unit (stickc).

    Has anyone had the IR functions working using UIFlow?

  • M5Stack

    I think the IR unit sample code was only intended to work between two M5stack ir devices. As frequencies range considerably for each device and each command e.g. play, pause on a media player, it's impossible to have an example IR code that works for all devices.

    I'm still unfamiliar with the commands of the IR module, as it is not documented yet, but I suggest playing around with the timer and peripheral functions.

    If you are not sure what you are doing you could try some of the arduino ir code as it seems better documented.

    perhaps this example could get you started

  • Thanks for the reply Luke. I stay away from Arduino if I can help it (even tho all the cool stuff is programmed in it). I've spent some time reading what IR is and how it works. I've managed to get the Fire module to recognize the PWM/IR signal from StickC. A quick look through the example you suggested confirmed that a duty cycle of 50% is needed when PWMing from StickC.