Strange speaker noises and other issues

  • Just got my M5Stack Grey today with the Faces kit. Turned it on and it was doing the basic setup. Connect to Wi-Fi, etc.
    That all worked until it rebooted into the welcome interface with all the examples (like the speaker, etc.) I tried the speaker one and it sounded terrible - not just the audio but in general there was clicking, popping, faint buzzing. Also the Microphone one didn't work at all. (I'm also confused where the RGB bar is supposed to be, because that didn't do anything either.)

    I ignored it for the moment, then I updated it on my Windows 10 PC. While it was updating I heard intermittent clicks whenever something happened on the Burner app. It did work though. I still heard the speaker noises. Went into the upload thing and heard different noises - they changed depending on what I was doing. I noticed that there were more noises with the device in the Faces kit but put this here because they happened always.

    As my first project I used and put a SD card in the device and did the "Play WAV on the device project"
    I was planning to try to plug earbuds into it by using my headphone jack breakout and connecting the pins to pin 26 and ground (which does work)
    While doing this and playing the audio I kept hearing background humming, popping, and other noises - even some in my earbuds I had plugged in when I did.
    Even when no audio is playing I heard it. Tried following some other threads and tried setting brightness to 0 in my code. I also tried muting the onboard speaker so it would only play in my earbuds to just live with that but for some reason that didn't work either.

    tl;dr: strange speaker noises

    Thanks for any help!

  • @jmkhello First off, welcome to the forum.

    The demo's only work with specific addons. the RGB examples require the GoBase to work, I faces kit doesn't have the gobase.

    Speakers sounds are a common issue caused by the esp32's internal dac and that is waht need to be set to 0.

  • Thanks a lot @ajb2k3! How would I "set [the DAC] to 0'"? Is it in software or hardware?
    Thanks for your help!

  • @jmkhello said in Strange speaker noises and other issues:

    Thanks a lot @ajb2k3! How would I "set [the DAC] to 0'"? Is it in software or hardware?
    Thanks for your help!

    dac0 = machine.DAC(25)

  • Thanks a lot! Will try this!