How many sensors can be hooked up to Port B Grove HUB?

  • I have a noobie question. I just got the M5Go kit. So I attached the Grove HUB that it came with to PortB. To the HUB, I attached the PIR sensor unit (using pin 36) and the RGB unit (using pin 26). I modified the example PIR.ino code to make a beep sound when motion is detected and to also light the RGB LED. It works great.

    But now I'm wondering what else I could hook up to the HUB? There is another empty socket. Since there are only 2 pins in Port B, I really can't hook up anything else (unless I wanted to hook up a duplicate sensor unit that reacted the same way), right?

  • @happy-hippo Correct. In order to connect more you need to use the PbHub.

    As you have discovered, sensors use 1 pin and actuators use the other pin.