What is URL to manually download UIFlow Firmware (v1.4.2 & etc.) ??? [M5Burner/IDE/Micono]

  • Is there a URL I can download the 1.4.2 firmware from?

    (Currently working with Stick C but I have Cam F and Faces models as well...)

    I can use the offline version of the UIFlow Desktop IDE to develop 'blockly' apps, but it repeatedly nags me about upgrading to Firmware V1.4.2... which the IDE can not do successfully.

    Neither the UIFlow-Desktop-IDE nor the official M5Burner are able to 'burn' firmware on Mac (AFAIK) I was able to use the unofficial M5Burner app by Micono (aka Burner_Mic) to put the V1.3.2

    Once flashed with Burner_Mic, I seem to have full use of the UIFlow Desktop IDE app (but maybe some of the UI glitches are a symptom of same problem)

    The particular problem with M5Burner seems to be inability to download any firmware. The UI does warn it has to be downloaded, but clicking the icon which seems most likely to do that triggers a brief "working" indicator overlay but fails to do anything (or error conspicuously)

    Exploring the app package contents for the official burner reveals the 'firmwares' folder is empty (and the main feature of Burner_Mic seems to be coming WITH many firmware sets as part of the app download, but storing them external to app package...) which jibes with the futile download experience.

    The 'firmware burner' built into UIFlow IDE seems to be the same code, and although the path is slightly different, exploring the app package contents likewise reveals an empty 'firmwares' folder for that as well.

    My two cents: You should just store them in "$HOME/.m5stack/firmwares/" or some such normal but hidden folder location if you cant make the app-package-internal storage location work...

    Until this is fixed up, I need a download URL so I can try to get Burner_Mic to work with v1.4.2 please.

  • I'm on OSX and just run the burner software and it downloaded 1.4.2 without a problem. 5:20am GMT.

    IF the firmware is not downloading it is often a sign that the software cannot access the download server. Currently (i believe) there is only one server and that can often become overloaded at times especially when new firmware is released.

  • You can try to move the UIFlow-Desktop-IDE or M5Burner to Applications directory before use them. And here is the url to download UIFlow-v1.4.2.

  • @ozbk Thanks for the link. Would have been so much easier had I found that myself!

    I was able to get UI Flow Desktop IDE to download eventually - after I hooked up o.g. Stick model with diff USB port address (but maybe it was a coincidence and the servers were just unusable for the twelve solid hours until just after I posted...)

    I still could not burn anything with M5Burner or Desktop IDE burner but the Burner_Mic worked OK after I pulled it out of the package contents... it was still quite tedious. Mostly because of bugs in the _Mic app with how you need to drop the json file, then pick all of the right menu options a bit blindly...

    I should probably write a script now to just "do the needful" without any of the GUI burners... BUT I would never have persisted to that point without the _Mic app guidance to learn the arcane esptool syntax, so it was a huge aide.

  • @ozbk I wonder is there a feed URL I could poll for new firmware releases? Like a index.rss or some such (presumably a simple JSON endpoint these days...)

  • @phi said in What is URL to manually download UIFlow Firmware (v1.4.2 & etc.) ??? [M5Burner/IDE/Micono]:

    @ozbk I wonder is there a feed URL I could poll for new firmware releases? Like a index.rss or some such (presumably a simple JSON endpoint these days...)

    Now that is something I would like to know as I have been pondering that question.

  • @phi Here is the url to get the firmware list which contained in the M5Burner. And the download link format usually is "http://firmware-repo-list.m5stack.com/firmware/" + firmware name + “-” + firmware version + ".zip".

  • heres another location where you can get the latest firmware https://github.com/EeeeBin/UIFlow-Firmware/tree/beta