Unlocking Doors with M5Stick-C

  • There is a old thread with very DIY example of unlocking a door on the forum here: M5StickC Door Locker

    but I am more interested (as in would readily buy...) the lock as shown in this Smart Door Lock video from the official M5Stack Blog

    Does anyone know how exactly this demo was done? What brand lock is it?
    Was the protocol Bluetooth? Wifi? HTTP Post through 'cloud' back to the lock?
    Some other mechanism?

    Context: I have a popular brand smart lock that I don't love, and have not found anything better. I want it to be more open (especially to M5Stack) but ideally without requiring their cloud/gateway. Less than $200 USD would be very welcome.

    PLUS I have a pile of M5 stuff I am itching to do more with ...

    Thanks for any assistance!

  • I found the original creator on twitter and he let me know that the lock in the video is a Sesame from Candy House. [EN readers scroll to bottom and toggle menu in right corner]

    The depicted usage from M5StickC is over WiFi via HTTP API (so it does go through a cloud gateway) - total cost is just barely over $200 USD with that additional cost.

    Huge advantage to the Sesame lock is that it goes over your current deadbolts, no need to remove existing door hardware at all. (I basically replaced the handle set and deadbolt when installing the smart lock I have now...)

    Kickstarter was last summer : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/candyhouse/sesame-your-key-reinvented

    I guess power is reason they dont just put an ESP32 in the dang lock... and security is why you cant just connect bluetooth from any old dev board, just locked down smart phones... My preference is that I do not believe hardware providers will securely and permanently provide service of remote unlock. Do you mail a copy of your house key to your Alarm company? No...