M5STICK OLED cant turn on

  • My M5stick C arrived. Plugged the USB and saw led blinking. Updated the firmware via m5burner and now cant switch it on. Led also does not blink. m5 burner and arduino can detect it. I can upload the code. but screen is off. Can anyone help?

  • May sound stupid but,
    Q1 - You did erase the firmware first?
    Q2 - You made sure that the firmware version was set to stick and not stackEN?
    Q3 - you did make sure the baud rate was correct?
    Q4 - Did M5Burner show any messages?

    If you did all this, try connecting to to arduino, write a demo to the stickC and then go back to burner and try rewriting the firmware.

    Okay, that is wierd, if its not detected then something is strange What OS are you using as I have forgotten.

  • I erased the firmware a couple of times and managed to have it working with firmware version 1.2.3. Other versions did not work. Am I doing sth wrong or m5strick oled is only working with version 1.2.3
    I am using windows 10 and uiflow.

  • I'm not sure whats wrong there as I have 1.4.1 StickC running on both of mine.

  • @hetzer

    1. Turn M5StickC off
    2. Remove USB C from M5StickC. (If plugged.)
    3. Connect BAT and GND pins together with a jumper wire (male to male).
    4. Plug USB C into M5StickC and finally ...
    5. Remove immediately jumper wire.

    Your M5StickC will now work as expected !

    Do this every time M5StickC battery is drained because of bad HW design. :-(

  • It can be started by the following method.
    M5StickC Start Adapter

  • Just to confirm. I am using M5stick OLED, not M5stickC. Does latest firmware also work with M5stick OLED?

  • @hetzer arg no it doesn't :(

  • Unfortunately M5Stack decided to drop support for the original M5Stick after version 1.2.3 without telling anyone. Firmware version 1.2.3 and below use a different fork of micropython, namely loboris's fork https://github.com/loboris/MicroPython_ESP32_psRAM_LoBo

  • ah so it was 1.2.3 they dropped support. Now this gives me some point of reference as I had forgotten which version it was.

  • @ajb2k3

    Version 1.4.2 and version 1.4.3 works as well.
    One mistake I made and probably some others made is that you have to select the StickC version in MBurner. Also, only the 115200 speed was working properly. With the other speeds, I had "A fatal error occurred: Timed out waiting for packet header". Once the new firmware is flashed, disconnect the cable and reset the board by connecting the Gnd and the Bat connectors with a wire jumper.

  • @ftoure hetzer was referring to the original M5Stick not the M5stickC.
    @hetzer did you manage to do what you wanted with it. I find it's better to work with original M5Stick as the M5stick didn't have much functionality in UIflow even when it was supported