Wake On Motion WOM

  • Hi,

    Has anyone been able to do the wake on motion that the MPU9250 is capable of to wake the esp32 from deep or light sleep?

    I'm building a set of juggling balls and at the moment I'm sticking a grey M5Stick in them and sending the data over WiFi to the computer where it is being processed.

    Because the Stick is so power hungry I'm getting about 20 minutes of battery life from it which is okay for some performances but not for rehearsals. Turning it on and off by hand is finnicky since it would require me to open the ball each time to where the Stick is stuck.
    My idea was that I would be able to send the Stick to sleep as a command from my laptop which I've managed to do, next it would be very helpful and convenient if they would wake up as soon as I'd shake them for example. I've also tried to let them wake up every few seconds and ask the computer if they should stay awake or go back to sleep which kind of works (still some watchdog debugging to do) but the WOM would be much more elegant.

    Any help is appreciated