no flash possible after fw on M5GO

  • Hello everyone,
    It's my first M5Stack,
    after a flash with M5burn with a new M5GO with the FW, its work fine with but i can't reflash (or Erase) with a older 1.4.0 FW :
    can't connect with USB port (but USB31 is here)
    The screen go black, it's beep every 1s, but nothing

    Error message : v2.5.0
    Serial port COM31
    A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to Espressif device: Invalid head of packet (0x30)

    Any idea ?

  • Step 1 - turn the connection that plugs into the M5Stack upside down and try again,
    Step 2 - Try a new USBC lead,
    Step 3 try a different computer.

    I'm assuming that you are using a windows computer as it says Com31.

  • thanks for the fast response. Yes Windows7 pro, this the good driver
    test with :

    • another cable (in 115200 or 921600 baud ) : not ok
    • another PC in Win10 and new install drivers + M5burner (in 115200 baud) : OK

    i'm happy !

  • @phd0

    Ok on old computer, delete the driver and shut down the computer into full power off.
    Start computer and fresh install driver, then shut pc off again when finished installing.
    Restart pc and try to connect. the driver can be problematic at times how ever if you have an arduino of usb>UART you can bypass the inbuilt adapter to program.

  • Try to reflash with, it also has erase option