Issues M5stick and spectral sensor

  • I´m having some problems with the SPARKFUN spectral sensor reference: AS726X. when I want to visualize the data in the M5STICK screen that screen turns off and doesn´t show anything. I need to see the data that the sensor is getting.

    Is there a library that I can use independently the TFT screen from the M5stick ? I am using the ST7735 library and the M5stick doesn´t work.

    thanks in advance.

  • Hi @Carolina what is the power consumption and the pinout of the sparkfun sensor you mentioned? have you tried externally powering the sensor, perhaps it is drawing to much current and switching off the screen.

  • Hi @lukasmaximus, I havent tried that option, however I´m testing only the M5stick without the sensor in order to get or print any data in the screen with the ST7735 library and I´m not getting anything.

    When I want to print something in the M5stick I use M5.Lcd. but with the other library is tft. and of course the second option is not working, so that´s my question. Maybe I am using the wrong library to see anything in the M5stick?

    Those are the libraries I have used:
    ST7735 and ST7789

    I want to know if there is another library I can use.

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi,have you tested with our example?

    use <U8x8lib.h>in U8g2 library and configuration screen

    U8X8_SH1107_64X128_4W_HW_SPI u8x8(14, /* dc=/ 27, / reset=*/ 33);

    You can view the reference link try to print on screen

  • Hi @vany5921 I´m trying the way you said to me and I got an issue maybe for the pins I am using. I also tried with the Ucglib and I got a problem "ucg' was not declared in this scope" and I´m serching on the internet and it is a library issue. So I don´t really know how to do it :(