M5Stack unable to boot up when connect via USB

  • With the latest Arduino IDE

    Ubuntu 18.04


    I am having some issue with a newly purchased M5Stack Grey and Basic. For the M5Stack Grey, I could connect to it and upload the program to it, and it will boot up successfully. However sometimes after I disconnected it and turned it off, the next time I connect it back to my laptop USB port, or connect it to any USB port from power bank, it will not boot up. Instead, it will have some buzz noise, and the UART connection of it output this, "SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT" shown in the screenshot below.

    It can be solved by turning the M5Stack Grey on first, then connect it to my laptop USB, then I can boot it up. Can anyone tell me what's the problem was? I am very worried that the M5Stack Grey will slowly unable to connected to like my M5Stack Basic

    Besides, about the M5Stack Basic that I purchased, I have the problem of unable to connect to it sometimes using the USB. Sometimes I can connect, but sometimes I cannot. I had followed this guide to connect a 2.2uF cap between the RST and GND port. But the problem get solve partially, only a few times I cant connect to it.

    This is what I got from the error. "Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header"

    However, eventually, it is a lot harder to establish the connection with M5Stack Basic, like 1 success over 30 trials. Even if I successful download the program to it, it will not boot up also and have the same problem as M5Stack Grey.

    0_1567839056739_Screenshot from 2019-09-01 17-56-26.png