M5GO Base: double IP5306 circuitry

  • Hello,
    If I have well understood, from the schematics available, the M5GO Base has its own IP5306. If so, there are two IP5306 devices that must coexist (the one in the Fire Core and the one in the base M5GO). Can you help me understand how this coexistence works? Do both IP5306 charge the battery at the same time? If I'm right only the IP5306 on the Fire Core has I2C functionality, is it true?

  • I'd like to update my question on M5GO Base. From a more careful reading of the schematic diagram the Vout on the IP5306 of the M5GO Base is not connected to the +5V. In this case the IP5306 of the base has no conflict with the one inside the M5Stack Core.