Issue in sending roll angle to Azure IoT Hub

  • When I am trying to capture roll angle using M5stack Gray it is working fine and separate code for sending data to Azure IoT Hub is also working fine. But when I try to club the two modules the roll angle return by module get highly unstable and it throws random absurd values.0_1566540204514_Screenshot (32).png

  • Hi, did you solve this? Sounds like a scope, or casting issue.

    I'm having a different problem with the IMU and I can see you have a IMU class with Gyro, Accel and Mag data incorporated. Is it for the MPU6886 + BMM150 sensors.

    Would you be happy to let me have a look at :

    1. IMU class .h & .cpp files.
    2. MahonyAHRS.h & .cpp files.

    I'm fighting with the MahonyAHRSUpdate I'm using. The calculations are diverging to NaN after just 2-3 calls and I'd like to compare your code to mine.