M5Stack Basic Core (black) recognizes GY-91 (mpu 9250, 10-DOF) sensor (Solved)

  • Hey,

    I have a M5Stack Basic Core (black). Few days ago I connected a GY-91 (10-DOF) sensor https://artofcircuits.com/product/10dof-gy-91-4-in-1-mpu-9250-and-bmp280-multi-sensor-module over I2C Grove (20 cm cable) to my M5Stack. The green light is ON on the external sensor, but I can't get the sensor to work (to read data from) with the M5Stack. I have tryed all possible libraries and code snippets you can find online regarding the MPU9250 and ESP32, but I had no success to get M5Stack working with the GY-91 sensor.

    Then I checked for the I2C addresses https://learn.adafruit.com/i2c-addresses/the-list. MPU9250 should be at 0x68 or 0x69. If you read 0x75 and you have a MPU9250, you should get "0x71" as a response and if you have a MPU9255, you should get "0x73" as a response. I get no response at all.

    Then I checked the I2C bus https://github.com/geronimoooooooo/ccpparduino/blob/master/I2Cscan().cpp to see what "devices" are connected, and all I get is "I2C device found at address 0x75"

    To me it kinda looks like the M5Stack does not recognize the GY-91 on the I2C bus. Is this possible? They can not work together?

    Has anyone had success in combining a M5Stack Basic Core with the external GY-91 (mpu9250)? Can anyone link a working library or a code snippet?

    big thx

  • The sensor had a problem.

    Used another GY-91 and it works now.

    I2C device found at address 0x68 !
    I2C device found at address 0x75 !
    I2C device found at address 0x76 !