GPS Module with Baidoo, Galileo and Glonass

  • Hi guys,

    your GPS - shield applies a Neo M8N receiver. According to the data sheet its supports not just GPS but other satellite systems (Galileo, Baidoo, etc.) too. Did you configure it for GPS use only? I received the module in combination with a GPS only antenna (1575.42 MHz). Would it be possible to use the ublox tools for a reconfiguration of the receiver, for instance for a RTK mode?

    By the way ... many thanks for the m5stack system, it allows us to realize first prototypes very fast!

    Best wishes


  • Hi @Sebastian If it is possible I doubt we have documentation on using those satellite systems. Rick Macdonald of has a lot of knowledge on this subject. I suggested you drop him an email, He's very open to share

  • Ok, based on some advices from Rick I used a small program from documentation to gateway all NMEA messages to u-center a software provided by ublox. Unfortunately, it exists only a Windows version, but it provides a configuration and visualization tool-suite.

    HardwareSerial GPSRaw(2);
    void setup() {
      GPSRaw.begin(9600);// GPS init
      Serial.println("M5Stack ready!");
    void loop() {
      // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
      if(Serial.available()) {
        int ch =;
      if(GPSRaw.available()) {
        int ch =;// read GPS information

    For my application (bicycle tracking while riding and walking), I changed the movement model from automotive to pedestrian (this is important for local filtering). Additionally, if you are not interested in the altitude, you can change the fix configuration from 2D to 3D. This adaptation reduces the time for upcoming. Don't forget to burn your settings to the M8N ;-)

    Unfortunately, I was not able to receive any position from Galileo. Some ideas on how to involve the European system too? Probably I have to use a new antenna?


  • Nice work so far, and thanks for sharing the code.

  • @Sebastian glad rick could help, I thought he might. Great work, if you get chance it would be nice to see a full guide on our hackster page