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  • Here is some testcode for everybody to get started in Platformio (Arduino)


    • Unfortunately i could not get the i2S Dac output to work yet, maybe someone has a clue.

  • @mrtarantl

    Hello MrT,

    Any luck with getting audio up and running on the NODE?


  • Sorry - not yet - i would need some help there - i have the audio libraries in place and the pins should be correct but when playing testsounds i only hear squealing noises :(

  • I was trying hard to get this working yesterday and used the sample from http://forum.m5stack.com/topic/143/lesson-6-1-speaker-mp3-player/2

    Tried to reconfigure the dac output by changing the following according to the information here https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/base/node_base

    out = new AudioOutputI2S(0,0);
    //#define I2S_WS 13 //LRCLK - Frame clock
    //#define I2S_BCK 5 //BCLK - Bit clock
    //#define I2S_IN 2 //DACDAT - Serial data input.
    //SetPinout(int bclk, int wclk, int dout)
    out->SetPinout(I2S_BCK, I2S_WS, I2S_IN);
    mp3 = new AudioGeneratorMP3();
    playing = true;
    mp3->begin(id3, out);

    but no luck -> the file still got played through the internal speaker.
    Maybe somebody has a clue how to proceed

  • Sorry, i have to give up on this. Something strange happened yesterday.
    After getting quite bad sound quality out of the node module i did something else and suddenly i heard a bang, followed by a strange smell.
    After unplugging and disassembling i found at least one capacitor dead in the module.


    Have not decided if i salvage some parts or try to get at least the leds and the IR back into function ... currently it is just heating up when i power it.