Ui Flow on iPad (almost neat...) useful if your iPad is the only piece of technology at hand...

  • Hi

    If you have the misfortune to open uiflow on your iPad browser and wondered what to do with the amazing blocky script just created here is a few tips to make good use of the time spent (works on iOS 12.3.1):
    1 don’t close the browser or refresh the page
    2 select uiflow menu and then Save
    3 on safari the screen changes to a json-like script
    4 select all of it and in the contextual menu select ‘Share’
    5 the pop up icons menu appears
    6 choose ‘Save as’
    7 select a location /folder you know iOS can access from its Files app (usually Pages, Numbers or other iOS friendly folder, avoid app exclusive areas)
    8 save it
    9 open the app Files
    10 navigate to the folder
    11 find the file and rename with the name you prefer plus a .m5f at the end
    12 the script is now safe
    13 if you get again to uiflow you can open the script from its menu (it is visible to uiflow now that you changed the file extension)
    14 modify and save as above