Problems with using library M5.stack.h and functions like M5.Lcd.print()

  • Hi!
    I am having problems by using the M5.Stack.h library. I am kind of stuck with it and would like to ask for some help on it.
    For software developement and testing I am using the Arduino IDE 1.8.9 with the M5.stack.h library 0.2.7.
    After uploading various program examples which are printing to the Lcd-screen of the M5Stack-Fire, everything works as expected.

    As soon as I add even a single additional code lines like „M5.Lcd.println(„test“);“ or „M5.Lcd.setCursor(0,0);“ further down in the program and upload it to the M5Stack-Fire, the programm does not work at all anymore. Not even the printing at the very beginning oft the programm appears on the LCD.
    No error message is displayed in the Arduino IDE during compiling and uploading of the program.

    Is there any known issue, about this behaviour?
    Are there any recommendations on how to attack and solve this problem?

    Thanks for any feedback - grelm

  • Hi - it's me again!
    After playing around with almost "everything", I found out:
    Everything is working fine, after DISABLING the PSRAM in ARDUINO/TOOLS.

    Does that mean, that PSRAM can not be used at all?
    Is there any explanation for this behaviour?

    Thanks - grelm

  • @grelm I am having the exact problem. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks!

  • @jwd3ca NO!
    Unfortunately I didn't find a solution.
    As written above, I just left the PSRAM disabled, as i don't need it in my application.