Red LED below SD-slot of m5s-FIRE?

  • Hi - another beginners question:
    What is indicated by the red LED below the SD-slot of the M5Stack-FIRE?
    Sometimes it is on, sometimes it is off, sometimes it flashes.
    Flashing is done with varying on-time and varying off-time.
    Thanks - grelm
    0_1560238704322_M5Stack-FIRE LED red flashing.jpg

  • I also noticed this... don't know why.

  • if use it in Chargingļ¼Œ it will flicker

  • Hi @heybin !
    What do you want to show us with the picture: flickering due to problems with contacts?

    Do you know what the meaning is of:

    1. flashing? ( = 1s on > 1s off > 1s on > and so on: charging?)
    2. continiously OFF?
    3. continiously ON?

    What I noticed so far:

    a) USB charging cable connected to M5GO CHG Base and M5GO CHG Base attached to M5GO Base: LED is flashing and obviously charging
    b) M5GO disconnected from M5GO Base: LED = ON for 30 seconds , than OFF, but FIRE is still on and operational (Power from internal Lipo Battery?)
    c) M5GO CHG Base attached to M5GO Base, but no power on USB-Cable: same behaviour as item b) above. (Power from internal Lipo battery AND/OR CHG Base Battery?)

    For a) and b) so far, I didn't test, for how long the FIRE stays ON.