uiflow v1.3.2 (stable) Bug on block "change i by 1"

  • Hi folks,
    I am very happy to see a new version, but there is a bug.
    When I try to use the block "change i by 1" I have an Error : name 'Number' isn't defined.
    The python code that is generated looks like : i = (i if isinstance(i, Number) else 0) + 1

    Is it possible to fix that ?

  • But downloadable UIFlow Desktop IDE is still v1.2.3, so I'm not sure if the new UIFlow version is ready now.
    I also see some bugs(look like...not sure) in the new UIFlow v1.3.2 so I've been back to v1.2.3 which seems to be more stable.

  • @nash68 after upgrading to the latest firmware, did you select the beta option on the top bar of uiflow? 1.2.3 is the latest stable release, and any firmwares after that are using a different fork of micropython so many libraries are deprecated and will not work unless you select the beta option, sorry there wasn't much in a way of an explanation for this.

  • Hi,
    The code generated is ok now. We have :
    i = (i if isinstance(i, int) else 0) + 1


  • Seems it's fixed now, the issues was that it didn't generate the code to import the numbers library

    "from numbers import Number"