M5Stack ESP32 BLE tx power level

  • Hey guys,
    This is my first post in this forum. I used the search but could not find a solution for my problem.

    I would like to read the tx power level of BLE beacons with my M5Stack ESP32.
    I get the rssi value but I would like to know the transmission power. I do not mean the 1Byte "transmitted/measured power" that you should receive on 1m range. I mean the power level that determines how strongly the beacon sends its broadcast (what the max. range should be).

    I would like to read whether the beacon is configurated to send only at e.g. max. range of 2m or maybe 15m.

    I use Arduino and PlatformIO with int8_t BLEAdvertisedDevice::getTXPower ()

    And I always get txPower: 0. using haveTXPower() returns false. But my smartphone with the usuals apps displays without and problems the txPower value (e.g. -20dBm that would indicate the ble beacon has only few meters max. range)

    Did anyone had success with a M5Stack to read those txPower values?
    Is there any code snippet that REALLY WORKS? There are planty online but they show 0 txPower and false on haveTxPower.


    edit: further infos from platformIO
    PLATFORM: Espressif 32 > M5Stack Core ESP32
    HARDWARE: ESP32 240MHz 320KB RAM (4MB Flash)
    Libs: M5Stack 0.2.5

  • so guys, any news or comments on this topic?

    would appreciate it

  • Sorry my friend but their seams to be an issue with bluetooth on the esp32.