Hi @Gaviota glad I could be of help. The program looks great Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to post files on the forum. Other than copying and pasting the micropython output The only way is to host the file somewhere and paste the link. I would suggest the best way would be if you have a github account then make a repository with the file there and share it with us here. This would also allow for us to add it to our links of resources. Thank you for your requests, I will make sure to hand them on to the dev team. It is true that the updates on the offline version are lagging behind the online version but we will try to improve this. Blockly allows for a rectractable comment from the blocks so this shouldn't be hard to implement We used to have blocks for handling the SD card in our old platform M5GO so I don't see this as being too difficult to add either. All the best, Keep us updated on the progress of your project.